The Fires of Lilliput, Kindle


A JEWISH HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR is the only living witness to the life of a man the Vatican is investigating for Roman Catholic sainthood. This is her story.


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The Vatican wants to declare Polish farmer and stigmatic Jakub Chelzak a Catholic saint. But before the Pope can canonize Jakub, Church officials must hear from the most important eyewitness of all: the young Jewish woman who grew to love him as they fought side by side against the Nazi invaders. With Jakub’s help, Shosha Mordechai survived, but disappeared after the war.

Only the third Catholic saint to emerge from the Holocaust, Jakub’s canonization is critical to the Church hierarchy, whose predecessors turned a blind eye to the Jewish people during the time of their greatest need. The archbishops and cardinals want reconciliation — and recognition, of individual Catholics who fought and died alongside their Jewish brethren.

The Fires of Lilliput is the story Shosha tells them, of indomitable spirits who emerged from the throes of hell, through courage, suffering, and love.


For the cover, Ed Richardson created a striking abstraction of the warring forces that savaged Europe during World War II. An art director for groundbreaking films such as Badlands, Scarface, Cat People, and American Gigolo, Richardson also portrayed a journey across America’s waterways for the cover of William Least Heat-Moon’s bestseller, River-Horse.

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