BOOK SALE SUNDAY! Hard-Broiled August Thriller, Suspense, Mystery

BOOK SALE SUNDAY! Hard-Broiled August Thriller, Suspense, Mystery


I have 17 mystery, suspense, and thriller titles ON SALE and FREE in Kindle Unlimited. 

You'll read blurbs for a few of them in today's newsletter, along with an exclusive FREE offer today through Monday.

Congratulations to Mary Sue R. of Grants Pass, Oregon for winning an early advance reader print copy of CRIMSY along with Colleen Hoover's suspense thriller Verity.
My detective novel SILHOUETTE is FREE today and Monday on Amazon. Here's an excerpt featuring small-town prosecutor Ben Harper interrogating corporate CEO David King, whose white supremacist past casts him in the worst possible light during Ben's triple-murder investigation.

Forty-something King is a complex character. His twenty-something girlfriend Amanda is a rising young attorney and also Black; and New Orleans police detective Sam Marshall has personal reasons for throwing suspicion on him. King can be an unctuous S.O.B., too, a real sociopath.

But bad behavior doesn't prove murder.
“AM I UNDER ARREST?” David King asked Ben Harper.

“If you keep acting like you have something to be arrested for.”

“I came here alone,” he said, in Ben’s office. “No attorney. No Amanda.”

“I need that DNA sample.”

“I didn’t kill my wife. As for throwing bodies in swamps, who does that?”

“Nobody you know, right?” Ben said.

“Marshall’s a dinosaur,” King said. “Right out of a muggy movie about G-men and lynchings.”

“You and he have a history.”

“Sort of. WinCo wouldn’t hire his kid. He blamed me. Did some digging. Found some dirt, so he said.”

“Your wife know about this?”  

“Of course. First thing Marshall did was go to her daddy. Lorse exaggerated the story when he tried to push me out.”   

“That why your wife left you?”

King laughed. “I left her. Fell out of love.”

“I thought you said you still loved her.”

“Love is not the same as in-love, Mr. Harper. I know that sounds trite, but it’s true.”  

“Amanda seemed to think differently.”  

“She’s jealous.”
“You guys an item?”   

“Not anymore. Broke it off six months ago. She, not me.”  

“How’d your wife take that?”   

“What? The start or the end?”

“The lover.”

“Not well.”

“I heard she was furious,” Ben said.

“Heard from whom? Her father?” King took a deep breath and sighed it out.
“Amanda told me not to come.”

“Why did you?”

“She said you were reasonable.”  

“She’s right. Do I need to get a warrant for the DNA?”

“You know, Mr. Harper, there’s an irony here. I’m being investigated for the murder of a white woman. The daughter of a prominent white businessman. Without a shred of evidence, mind you. At the same time, Sam Marshall said he could prove I was once part of a group that murdered black men, women, and children. But never was I investigated over that. Not once did a cop or a Fed or a Sheriff or a prosecuting attorney knock on my door about my alleged involvement in a hate group. Now, here I am, under investigation because a white woman was murdered. Don’t you find that ironic?”

“You finished?”

King stood. “My lawyer will be in touch.”

Ben stopped him as he opened the door. “So were you?”

“Was I what?”

“Part of a hate group?”

“Ask Marshall,” King said. He closed the door behind him.


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"Not your usual hospital mystery," says Amazon reader Dick B, about Dr. Rada Jones' emergency-room based thriller OVERDOSE. 

"Death by overdose, a creepy druggie who hung around the hospital, a doctor getting his throat slit on the way to his car, and a lothario of a doctor and what do you have — a mystery you can’t put down," Dick B continues, among nearly 400 5-star ratings.

"It was fun to read a medical mystery that didn’t gloss over the details of what it is really like to work in an ER.

"The characters were well developed and definitely not stereotypes. Needless to say, I can’t wait to get my hands on book two in the Dr. Emma Steele series."





A second hand bookshop becomes the center of a serial killer investigation when Penguin books are left at murder scenes in Ste Sharp's THE PENGUIN KILLER.


From readers:

"This book has a little of a lot. Murder, Music and Mystery. Luke Redfern inherits his grandfather's book store, meets a new girlfriend, and tries to figure out why this serial killer is leaving books on his victims. A lot of action..".

"The bookshop in Brighton is not far from London but it is a different world: small, quiet and peaceful. At least it used to be quiet. People in the neighborhood have been murdered. The killer has left a Penguin paperback book with each corpse. Each Penguin book was sold at Luke Redfern's store."

"Luke is interested in his university friends, partying, writing songs for his band and his girlfriend. Dealing with the police is not what he had envisioned."



She’s a Chicago detective hiding in a Gulf Coast town...

But when some dirty cops put a price on her head,
MURDER AND GRITS' Piper Sandstone is forced to go undercover as a waitress in a coastal Alabama café.

But Savory, Alabama is not your typical tourist Gulf Coast town.

It's home to three-time AKC champion poodle Victory Cup Valentino, who goes missing right after Piper arrives -- and right before the Westminster Dog Show.


But before anyone can get any answers, a body turns up in the bayou and Piper is at the center of the crime scene. To top things off, the handsome sheriff is asking too many questions.

Fortunately for Piper, a group of retired ladies dubbed the Dentures and Diamonds Crime Squad is on her side.

"More mystery, more fun, more sleuthing, more food, more stake-outs. What more can a reader want? Oh, and by the way, there's some great recipes in the back of the book that are part of the story and you can try out in your own kitchen. That's an added bonus!" - Amazon reader


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