BOOK SALE SUNDAY! Giveaways and Kindle Unlimited

BOOK SALE SUNDAY! Giveaways and Kindle Unlimited


I have 29 science fiction novels on tap today, all free in Kindle Unlimited. Instead of the usual blurbs and taglines, I'll let Reader Reviews on Amazon take you to some of the books. Like so:

"Think of mashing together quantum theory, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Alice in Wonderland, the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy, the tales of the Brothers Grimm...and a cat. All done at a Dr. Who-like galloping run."

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"This just punched all the right buttons for me. It had the very real feel of Mercury-Gemini-Apollo, Skylab, ISS, Space Shuttle, Voyager, and Carl Sagan's "quest' for life on Mars. Great characters with a well-developed story and twists to keep you on your toes. Crimsy screams for a sequel."


early beta PRINT copies of CRIMSY
. These beta copies are uncorrected proofs and I do recommend reading the final version, which is a better reader experience. 

For giveaway winners, I will include another sci fi bestseller like Never Let Me Go (Ishiguro); or something non-sci fi like Verity (CoHo).

Just reply to this message if you'd like to be entered in the giveaway. We cover postage in the US, too (media mail rate) and will need a mailing address, too.

"This much was clear: We had to determine whether the most phenomenal discovery in the history of science was nothing more than a fluke." 

That's Jennifer Zendeck, Crimsy's narrator and a grad student at the University of Washington whose tight-knit research team
becomes her second family.

Their discovery has huge implications for life on Earth, and as its importance becomes clear, everyone wants a piece of the action.
World governments clamor for ownership; intellectual property lawyers squabble over patent rights; scientists fight over who gets credit for what; the FBI steps in to enforce an obscure law that makes the discovery top secret, and therefore, not patentable; and at least one of two trillionaires who funded the research never wants the discovery to see the light of day. 

All the fighting keeps the discovery locked away, like the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders, going against the nature of science and prompting one of my taglines: 
The greatest discovery in human history -- if only the humans would get out of the way. 

Forced into the fray against overwhelming personal and professional odds, Jennifer and her team must solve key mysteries about their own lives as they lead a charge to solve the mystery of life itself.


NOW SOME MORE SELECTIONS from this week's Sci Fi Sale. 

These reader reviews on Amazon might whet your appetite.

"Wow. Mr. Priestley wrote a very compelling book about corruption and how very close to the surface it is.

"Just one whisper from your Watcher and you find yourself easily willing to harm another. He does a wonderful job of describing a bleak world in the clouds where there is a Watcher for every human. The corruption we fight on earth mirrors the corruption overtaking the Watchers World.

"The bright spot in this story is Charlie ~ just an average bloke from London stumbling through his life like most humans, and Anabel ~ his Watcher who is not supposed to have an opinion or feeling about anything.

"Her purpose, every Watchers purpose, is supposed to help humans stay on their projected life path. The author skillfully weaves us between both worlds and gives us so many relevant parallels to what is happening in the real world today that it is so scary, to think this could really happen to us.

"A great author makes you question what you believe to be true, and challenges you to think about life and people in a different way. Craig Priestley did exactly that."






"From the blurbs and other reviews, I expected this to be an entertaining sci-fi story with some philosophical depth sprinkled in. What I didn't expect was the political humor.

"The main villain, Zaza D'Rump, is clearly based on 45, which may turn some people off.

"However, the Trump jokes are handled with a light touch that I'd imagine most won't find offensive regardless of how they feel about the real-life president ("Only I can make Mars great again!).

"Overall, a fun ride and worth a read!"

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Thanks for reading!  Until next time,

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