BOOK SALE SUNDAY from Heart Beat Books!

BOOK SALE SUNDAY from Heart Beat Books!


And 41 (THAT'S RIGHT -- FORTY ONE) FREE suspense thriller mystery books for Kindle and other e-readers.  

It's Discover New Crime time from Book Funnel, a leading source of the latest and greatest books from every genre.

Discover cozy, cozy witch, serial killer, K9 partner, FBI, and small town sheriff mysteries today, some with romance, all with action and suspense. 

Check out my sampling of FREE titles and favorite book covers from this crime time sale below.

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My historical fiction book, The Fires of Lilliput, is also ON SALE for $0.99. 

The story follows Shosha Mordechai and Jakub Chelzak as they fight to survive the Nazi onslaught in Poland during WW II and the Holocaust. Shosha tells the story years later to Cardinals at the Vatican, who are investigating Jakub for Catholic sainthood.

I wanted to share an insightful review Holocaust scholar Talcott Broadhead wrote for Amazon and Goodreads.

An Historical Fictional story of love and resilience
Talcott Broadhead
The Fires of Lilliput, Verified Purchase

April 21, 2022

"The author is an excellent story teller and his character development is both deep and creative.

"While reading of these events isn’t fun, I would say that I enjoyed this book quite a lot. There were nights that I didn’t want to put it down. The author writes about remarkable acts of love and courage that felt so uplifting to read about right now.

"It was not difficult for me to connect with the people of this story, even the ‘villains,’ -- an imperfect example, but one nonetheless of Arendt’s thesis of the banality of evil.

"If an author can achieve this in a work on the Holocaust, then I am excited by their capacity for drawing the reader into the realistic dynamics of the period.

"That said, without a more specific offering of moral guidance, a reader might over-empathize with the villains in this book who are based on the very real SS, Hitler.Youth, silent bystanders, complicit anti-semitic clergy, actively violent police and civilians, non=SS camp guards, etc.

"There are moments where I felt irritated by historical inaccuracies, but then I recalibrated and reminded myself that this is not a history book; it is a work of fiction :) 

"Let’s just say that there are events that express an optimistic hindsight.

"The author took on a lot with this work and given the scope I am so very impressed with the dynamism he conveyed and tracked throughout. Clearly a professional. I do recommend this book."

The Fires of Lilliput
is ON SALE FOR $0.99 at Amazon and $9.99 (paperback, normally $16.99) at Heart Beat Books.




Now onto selections from BookFunnel's Discover New Crime. Click the pic on the banner for your free copies at this link:


Time is critical when ten-year-old, Hailey Donovan goes missing in bestselling crime writer Jodi Burnett's Baxter K9 Hero. FBI Special Agent Kendra Dean and her K9 partner, Baxter, are assigned to the case. Saddled with a burned-out detective who’d rather retire than investigate, Kendra and Baxter race to find Hailey before the girl’s time runs out.

Burnett is a Colorado native and a mountain girl who loves writing Mystery and Suspense Thrillers from her small ranch southeast of Denver, where she lives with her husband and their two big dogs. Burnett is a member of Novelists, Inc. and Sisters in Crime.

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Meet Gwendolyn Prince, the star of Glam Witch and the most glamorous witch in Brimstone Bay. Gwendolyn hasn't a care in the world until her amazing cook Maggie is killed and her house party goes to heck.  Worse, the police arrest Maggie's teenage granddaughter for the crime, and then Maggie returns as a ghost and insists her granddaughter is innocent!

Under the threat of being haunted forever, Gwendolyn must investigate her own houseguests and uncover all their juicy secrets. A fun, light-hearted tale about a witch who enjoys living the good life, and ends up solving a lot of problems for people along the way...

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Zoya Volkova finds him on the icy garage floor: her friend and accomplice, in a puddle of his own blood.  Maybe it was one of the rich Muscovites they scammed for a car repair in that very garage. Maybe it has to do with the heist they’ve planned, the job that could change their lives.

A murdered accomplice. A missing little brother. A pissed-off crime boss. Troubles are only beginning for The Girl from Moscow's Edge.

"A 5-star page burner"
"Unapologetically gripping"

"The ending left me wanting more!"

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Dr. Kep Woodhead is a brilliant, irascible forensic toxicologist who stars with Bernadette Becker, a disgraced federal investigator, in Ceremony.

They're both assigned to a strange poisoning case: a graduate student found dead in a 15th-century chapel, a needle filled with a controversial hallucinogen sticking out of his arm.

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Isabella Proctor has the usual problems a fourteen-year-old girl has, but she's pretty sure none of her non-magical friends have to deal with a murder in their guest room, as she does in the witch cozy, Root Cause.

When her great aunt is murdered for the family grimoire but the police think she died of natural causes. Will Isabella be able to find the murderer before they have the chance to strike again?

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When Celia gets a job as a makeup artist on a popular TV show, she can't believe her luck. She's even more surprised when she's tasked with the makeup of celebrities who host a popular show. She's warned about the flirting ways of one of the stars and told to be wary of his charm.

She is confused, dumbfounded and anxious when this flirting star is found dead on the set of his TV show, moments before he was meant to go live. Things take a turn for the worse when big egos with bigger wallets conspire to make Celia the prime suspect.

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