FREE Crime/Mystery Novels thru Memorial Day!

FREE Crime/Mystery Novels thru Memorial Day!

FREE Crime Novels for Memorial Day brings 23 stories of crime, mystery, and suspense from BookFunnel, a leading author-sharing platform. 

The novels are FREE through Memorial Day. After a few sale announcements, we'll take a closer look below.


Silhouette, my new crime novel about racially-charged secrets behind several murders that threaten a charismatic Black mayor's amibitious plans, is FREE FRIDAY and SUNDAY, compliments of Robin Reads and Hello Books.

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Lawyers, governments, and trillionaires battle a young scientist and her research team for ownership and control of the greatest discovery in history in Crimsy: A near-future sci fi adventure, ON SALE FOR $0.99 in all major Amazon markets.



A Jewish Holocaust survivor is the last living witness to the life of a man the Vatican is investigating for Roman Catholic sainthood. The Fires of Lilliput is the epic story she tells.

The Fires of Lilliput: A Holocaust story of courage, suffering, and love is ON SALE for $0.99 in all major Amazon markets. Pick up your copy at:

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In this excerpt from The Fires of Lilliput, Rabbi Gimelman, the Mordechais, and their boarders are trying to stay warm as the harsh winter of the Nazi invasion settles over their home in the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto.

bed together, six of them, including two boarders and the rabbi. The coal fire warmed the room into the dark, but the warmth faded.

The awful cold from the river winds dropped the temperature to twenty-four below zero centigrade, enough to freeze a fully-clothed man wrapped in underwear and a coat and heavy socks and boots.

The rabbi and the others burrowed under four layers of blankets and long woolen underwear, and two of them wore coats, and still they felt ripples of cold with every flick of an eyelid or turn of a cheek.

“I’m worried for her.” Rebekah spoke softly to the rabbi. Next to him on the other side, Leiozia slept. “How can a young person not emerge from something like this warped, if they live?”

“Shosha’s too straight and strong to be bent by the likes of this,” the rabbi said.

“And Lev?” Rebekah asked.

The rabbi turned and faced her. “He’s coming back,” the rabbi said.


The rabbi lifted his hand from beneath the blankets and cupped Rebekah’s cheek in his palm, warm from the heat they shared. She circled his wrist in her fingers and brought his palm to her lips and kissed it after a hesitation. She kissed it again and pressed it harder to her lips and her nose.

The rabbi didn’t draw away, but let his hand stay with her, pliable until she choked on tears. He pulled her close to him, her hair under his chin and her lips on his neck where her fractured sobs settled into a low weeping, muffled in this tumble-down arrangement of the living, a muted bereavement.




BookFunnel's Memorial Day Crime Reads sale kicks off today thru June 3. 

It features 23 FREE suspense, thriller, mystery, and crime novels. Here's a sneak peak at three of my faves. Click the pix at the link to get your free copies.

Blood of Like Souls


After New Mexico state police officer Julie Madigan shoots the perp who cut her throat, she's had enough of killing and bloodshed. She moves to Michigan and a job out of the firing line as an investigator with the medical examiner.

But a murderous monster dead set on proving Madigan likes killing as much as he does forces her to choose which innocent victims live and which die.

"An addictive first entry in the Julie Madigan Thriller series... fortunately for us, a second Julie Madigan book awaits." Best Thriller

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With a Readers Favorite Award for Biography of the Year, The Last Jewish Gangster follows Bugsy Siegel's godson Michael J. Hardy as he robs banks, runs a kidnapping ring, does hired hits for the Mafia, and chokes the Hillside Strangler in prison.

Tough Ukrainian Jew and warm Southern Baptist in one person, Hardy granted exclusive interviews with author David S. Larson, who crafted a two-volume biography that includes Hardy accomplices like Sammy "the bull" Gravano and powerful enemies like John Gotti and the Feds.

 “When it comes to gangsters, Michael Hardy’s the real thing. His is a captivating and different kind of story. I’m astounded you captured his voice.” -- Nick Pileggi, author/screenwriter of Goodfellas and Casino

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Fans of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan and Lee Child's Jack Reacher, meet Sam Wick, the man the government calls to extract people from the worst places on Earth.

"One heck of an entertaining and intense ride... Fast, suspenseful and action-packed… you will find yourself flying through and it will be hard to let it go!" - Amazon Review

"...A Kick-Ass hero you can’t help rooting for." - Amazon Review

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