FREE BOOK WEEKEND from Heart Beat Books!

FREE BOOK WEEKEND from Heart Beat Books!


Three Free Books in time for Mother's Day

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for Kindle is free on Amazon Saturday, May 7.

Get THE FIRES OF LILLIPUT paperback here:

Shosha is Jewish. Jakub was Catholic. They fought the Nazis together and survived the Holocaust. Now, the Vatican is investigating him for sainthood and she's the last living witness to his life. The Fires of Lilliput is the story Shosha tells, of courage, suffering, and love.

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† β€œThe characters make you love them, and the details will break your heart.”

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† β€œA tour de force whose stunning sorties into Jewish, Catholic, German, and other histories light the way like brilliant street lamps. The author’s ability to push the reader to the edge of comprehension, to the limit of one’s own reality testing, is a form of magic.

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† β€œShosha Mordechai is a powerful protagonist. I knew she had succeeded in getting to me when, in the last few sentences of the book, I broke out in goosebumps."

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† β€œThe drama and intensity of the relationship between Shosha and Jakub is remarkable.”

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† "I have read many books about the Holocaust and WWII, but this one surpassed all others. It was riveting...and so detailed, as if the author had lived through this in person.”

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† "Harrowing, heartbreaking, powerful. The Fires of Lilliput needs to be read. It's a book I will never forget."

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† "Sad and yet courageous on so many levels. I was in awe of Shosha's courage."


Get THE FIRES OF LILLIPUT paperback here:



CRIMSY Is free on Amazon Sunday, May 8 and Monday, May 9.


A young scientist and her research team must rescue the greatest discovery in history from the universities, governments, and trillionaires fighting to keep it for themselves. CRIMSY is a realistic take on science and discovery, just 15 years from now. Perfect for fans of Andy Weir and Michael Crichton.

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† β€œAn excellent book. The science is right on. The "personal" parts of Crimsy are attention grabbing and you are drawn into the lives of the main characters. Wanting to know more about these fascinating people. I feel confident that many others will find Crimsy as captivating and enjoyable as I did.β€œ

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† "Loved it! Amazing plot. Very insightful on the scientific parts of the story. Great writing."

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† β€œA wonderful, thought-provoking, cannot put down book. The people are real, have real problems. They use their brains and emotions to work things out. I like all of the characters, but Jennifer is the star.β€œ

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† "Paints a picture of true scientists and the values they share. I recommend this to those who enjoy good dialogue, thrillers, and realistic fiction."

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† "My type of book ... great characters, lots of thought-provoking problem solving."

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† "Parts of this book would make a GREAT movie."

β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† "A funny, thought-provoking, and well-written story of space exploration, politics and the moral issues of scientific investigation."





History's most disastrous religious dystopia


"A gripping and educating read," says The Historical Novel Society in their "warm recommendation" of Rob Bauer's The Nightmare Kingdom,

FREE this weekend at Story Origin.

"From the outset, the inciting incident reeling us into the main characters' lives does not disappoint," the Historical Fiction Press noted when they awarded The Nightmare Kingdom a 5-Star Highly-Recommended Medal last year.

Told through the eyes of Sofie Gresbeck, a German girl who dreams of finding love and raising a family, The Nightmare Kingdom tackles a real-life peasant revolt against religious extremism in 1534.

Something wicked has arrived, a false prophet with wild claims he can turn stone to bread and that he wants to turn Sofie’s hometown of MΓΌnster into the "New Jerusalem" for the return of Jesus Christ.

Sofie's people must take up swords and exterminate the ungodly, the prophet insists. And beautiful Sofie must marry one of "God's Elect," a man she loathes.

As the Prophet draws MΓΌnster into a rebellion, Sofie must take up arms against a different enemy to save her people and her life: the Holy Roman Emperor, who orders his army to annihilate the city.

Based on the real-life Anabaptist movement and MΓΌnster Rebellion, "this novel shows the fanaticism of the leaders of the movement, and how they held the population hostage...with violent enforcement of religious law and aΒ  'take-no-prisoners' mentality," an Amazon reader explained in a review.

A former college history professor, Rob Bauer likes to "strike a balance of creative storytelling and meticulous historical accuracy," he explains. Rob is also a huge baseball fan and has written four nonfiction books on baseball history. In 2019 he gave a presentation at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Crimsy: A near-future sci-fi adventure

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