FREE BOOKS from Heart Beat Books!

FREE BOOKS from Heart Beat Books!


Wow!  I have a BLOW OUT announcement: 28 FREE suspense thriller mystery books for Kindle and other e-readers.

Also FREE Today: My new book, The Trouble, about a ritualistic serial killer in Ireland during the civil war known as the Troubles.

Get it at this link:

The Trouble

What it's about:

Rival legends – the police forces in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic – form an uneasy alliance as homicide detective Adam Kincaid tracks a serial killer during the brutal civil war known as The Troubles.

Each murder duplicates the medieval-torture death of a famous saint or martyr, leading Inspector Kincaid to a high-level Church-State cover up and a notorious, border-hopping priest whose infamous crimes the All Saints Slayer, aka the Crucifix Killer, may be trying to avenge.




StoryOrigin is proud to announce 28 FREE suspense books, including novels, novellas, and short story collections. Here's a sample:

A missing twin. The sister left behind. The power to expose the truth.
A domestic thriller meets time-travel love story.

by MJ Mumford

You have every possession your heart desires, no room in any of your garages for yet another super car, and you do not need another mansion in another exclusive neighborhood. What do you do for fun?  You play...

Wicked Games
by Charles Welch

Mysterious murders. A sinister secret. An eerie anxiety that spirals Elise down a terrifying rabbit hole of deception. Can she unravel the mystery and save her fiancé before he becomes the third victim?

by Casi McLean, USA Today bestselling author

No clues left in the kidnapping of a privileged teen. What's a newly-minted private investigator left to do in his search for a criminal mastermind?

Parents Don't Approve

by Peyton Dinwiddie


CONGRATULATIONS to readers who've won paperback advanced reader copies of CRIMSY, about a scrappy research team out to save the greatest discovery in history


THE FIRES OF LILLIPUT, about a Jewish Holocaust survivor who is the last living witness to the life a man the Vatican is investigating for Catholic sainthood.

Congrats to Crimsy winners: Robert from Channelview, Texas and Robert from Benbrook, Tx. 

Congrats to Fires of Lilliput winners: Leigh from Winter Garden Fl; Linda from Ocean Isle Beach, NC; Brandy from Seneca, Ks.

These winners come from my regular Facebook book raffle, where I pay shipping and handling of a paperback book anywhere in the US.


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