FREE BOOK SUNDAY from Heart Beat Books!

FREE BOOK SUNDAY from Heart Beat Books!


I have four FREE novels that quality, in one way or another, as Christian fiction, but more importantly for today's BookFunnel promotion, "gritty" Christian fiction.

Each book tackles controversial topics that aren't necessarily associated with Christian fiction. especially the kind of sweet romance that dominates Christian fiction bestseller lists.   

Please be sure to RATE or REVIEW each book when you finish it. Reader ratings and reviews are so, so important to both the reader and author experience!  

The Fires of Lilliput is FREE today thru Tuesday.

The story follows Shosha Mordechai and Jakub Chelzak as they fight to survive the Nazi onslaught in Poland during WW II and the Holocaust. Shosha tells the story years later to Cardinals at the Vatican, who are investigating Jakub -- a documented stigmatic -- for Catholic sainthood.

"Thought provoking and hard to put down," writes Amazon reader MAC.
"The Fires of Lilliput reads like a fascinating documentary. The fictional characters blended so well with the historical settings, it was difficult to remember this is a novel. I'll be recommending it to all my friends but particularly my Polish friends both Catholic and Jewish."

"I could not stop reading. The drama and intensity of the relationship between Shosha and Jakub is remarkable," writes Stephen D. Solender, Former President of the Jewish Federations of North America and the North American Council for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

"The Fires of Lilliput reminds older generations of what truly transpired during those unbelievable days. It also introduces, in a dramatic and accurate manner, younger persons to one of the most significant acts of resistance in the history of the Jewish people and ... the courageous, principled Catholics who risked their lives to help them."



‍Now onto other selections from BookFunnel's Gritty Christian Fiction Sale.  Click the pic on the banner for your free copies at the links.

Will his dark past destroy their bright future?

Ex-con Joe Brody has been called a lot of things. Some true. Some not. But now that he's out of prison and back in his hometown, his focus is getting a job and a home for his ill father to convalesce. Easier said than done when no one will hire him.

"This story of tragedy, misunderstanding, hasty judgements and the righting of wrongs just grabbed me from the beginning until its conclusion. Ashley matured from misfit orphan to a confident woman as the story unfolded. Both Joe and Ashley found the acceptance they needed from the other people in their community. Good story." -- Amazon reader

GET Brody's Redemption (Small Town Scandals Book 1) FREE.



Kyrin Cieri wants only the chance to name the lord who will rule beside her. But her world ends when Arab slavers murder her mother and leave Kyrin for dead. Then Kyrin discovers a strange falcon dagger hidden on her mother’s breast, and fears her master and the blade by day while dreams of a captive falcon haunt her nights.

The falcon in her dreams is more than it appears. But Kyrin Cieri is determined to escape and find justice for her mother’s blood.


"Falcon Heart is the beginning of a long journey through the medieval world, from Britain to the Middle East, in the shoes of a young lady taken into captivity and transported to a foreign land. Court intrigue, deep friendships, and sharp religious conflict will keep the reader turning pages long into the night." -- Amazon reader

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He wanted peace. He found a life-changing adventure...

Tristan Blake’s time in the army left him scarred and broken. Now that he’s home from war, the atheist bishop’s son wants nothing more than the peace and quiet of the New Zealand coast. When a Maori priest named Rau offers him a lift, neither of them expect a ride that could change their lives forever.

"If you're familiar with Christian history, you have an open mind, and you like science fiction, then you'll probably love this story as much as I did.


"I read this story slowly and carefully, always thinking ahead where the story might lead me, and I was pleasantly surprised.

"At times, the story seemed to progress in a direction I expected, only to be surprised by events. Overall, I especially enjoyed the modern telling of the most pivotal part of early Christian history, only modernized and in New Zealand, of all places?

"Bonus: I know extremely little about New Zealand, but the writing style and content made me feel like I was right there the whole time, and it has kindled a desire to learn more about Kiwis and their land." -- Amazon reader

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