FREE BOOK SUNDAY! Featuring The Fires of Lilliput and Crimsy

FREE BOOK SUNDAY! Featuring The Fires of Lilliput and Crimsy


And welcome to the month that welcomes Spring! 

I have two FREE books today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday) only.

After grad student Jen Zendeck and her team of scientists discover a harmless bacteria, they must fight the world to study it in the near-future sci-fi novel CRIMSY

This germ won't spark a pandemic, kill all life on Earth, or turn people into zombies. Why all the excitement, legal maneuvering, and political chaos over such a boring bug?

It's the only living thing on the planet Mars. 
"This just punched all the right buttons for me. It had the very real feel of Mercury-Gemini-Apollo, Skylab, ISS, Space Shuttle, Voyager, and Carl Sagan's "quest' for life on Mars. Great characters with a well-developed story and twists to keep you on your toes. Crimsy screams for a sequel." -- Bill S., Amazon

"From tongue-in-cheek humour to serious moral consciousness. Sometimes thought provoking and often funny. A well-written story of space exploration, politics and the moral issues of scientific investigation. I'd happily read more from this author." -- Sue, Goodreads

"So great to read "science-y" Science Fiction with well-developed characters and a great story!  This book is a rare and excellent combination of a science-based storyline and intriguing, well-developed characters!"  --
Kindle Customer

"Unexpected to the end. It was a great read. The story line kept me guessing. It seemed so reasonable and possible."  -- Comppaul, Amazon

"Awesome, totally awesome!  Extremely well written and enjoyable. It really captured the ups and downs of graduate student life so well I felt like I was back in graduate school. It was a pleasure to read the science, especially the familiar microbiology, but even the unfamiliar was rendered so creatively and realistically that it was a pleasure to read and imagine. A truly awesome read."  -- Roger S., Amazon


Jewish Holocaust survivor Shosha Mordechai-Price is the last and most important witness to the life of Jakub Chelzak, a Catholic farmer Vatican officials want to canonize as a saint. THE FIRES OF LILLIPUT is the heartbreaking story she tells them, of courage and love during the Nazi siege of Poland and the Soviet invasion that followed.

"The detail that this author put into this book is impressive. I have been blessed with knowing someone who witnessed what happened in Poland so I came to this with some idea of what occurred. I was moved by the strength of these characters.

"They have been written with great depth so much so, that you will find that you will need to step away in order to continue. This is a story of faith and friendship found within one of the darkest times that has befallen man.
Put this on your must read list I guarantee you will not regret the decision." 
Maryann, Goodreads

"A haunting book but a good read. From the perspective of Polish citizens being conquered and ruled over by Nazi Germany and its eugenics program as Law. How does one survive?

"This book is relevant and important. Since it is only with time -and distance- one could recognize the true saints that were victims of such evil. Faith was important to the characters in that the hope that faith brings to those with small or large hearts." -- 
Diane Koch, Amazon

"Shosha Mordechai Price lives in New York when she is called to Rome to speak on behalf of Jakub Chelzak, who is being considered for sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church.

"Shosha knew and loved Jakub and his brother Karl during the Nazi invasion of Poland and credits them with saving her life.

"After this introduction, the book goes back to 1939 and the Warsaw Ghetto. It follows Shosha and her family through the ghetto, the uprising, and the death camps. Shosha loses almost everything, but her spirit remains indomitable.

"It also follows Jakub and Karl and several German officers. It does not edit out either cruelty or humanity on either side.

"I had to read it very slowly in order to digest it all, which is why it took me eight nights of reading before bed to finish it. This is not a book for the casual reader, but I do recommend it to anyone who believes in the oneness of humanity and the triumph of the human spirit." --
Janet, Goodreads

"The Fires of Lilliput reads like a fascinating documentary. The fictional characters blended so well with the historical settings , it was difficult to remember this is a novel. I'll be recommending it to all my friends, but particularly my Polish friends both Catholic and Jewish.
Thought provoking and hard to put down. -- Marcie Cumberland

"I was in awe of the courage that Shosha showed throughout the book. The strength it took to continue to move forward each day, never knowing if it would be your last. I can’t even begin to imagine the strength it took to survive such a horrific act perpetrated against the Jews.

"I thank you again for the privilege to have been able to read this book and to gain further insight into just how despicable the Nazis were.
Sad and yet courageous on so many levels"  --  Wesley Brando 

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